torch relay是什么意思中文翻译

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  to relay───继电器

  torch beam───火炬光束

  torch lily───火炬百合

  to belay───确保

  to delay───拖延

  to re-lay───重新铺设

  to relax───放松


  Q: How do you comment on the Olympic torch relay in Canberra?───问:中方如何评价奥运火炬在堪培拉的传递?

  China had called the torch relay a Journey of Harmony.───中国称这次的火炬传递为和谐之旅.

  The Olympic Torch relay requires 10,000 torches.───奥运会火炬接力将需要1万只火炬.

  A: the route of the Olympic torch relay has an emphasis on Asian countries.───答:此次奥运火炬境外传递的一个特点就是侧重于亚洲国家和地区。

  The torch relay resumed at a container port in eastern China's seaport city of Ningbo.───火炬接力在中国东部海港城市宁波的集装箱港口恢复.

  The Olympic torch relay starts its 3-day leg in Shanxi today.───奥运圣火今日开始在山西进行为期3天的传递。

  All Greek Games torch relay has never organized or race.───全希腊运动会上从未组织过圣火传递或赛跑.

  The torch relay is a message of peace to the whole world.───奥运圣火传递是向整个世界传达和平的信息.

  The Torch Relay of the Beijing Olympic Games is unique.───北京奥运会圣火火炬传递是很特别的.

  Torch relay is an important part of Olympic movement.───圣火传递是奥林匹克运动重要的一部分.

  The torch relay was first organized at the 1936 Berlin Games.───在1936年的柏林奥运会上首次组织了奥运火炬传递.

  The changes will'combine people's enthusiasm for the torch relay with relief,'said Mr. Sun.───孙维德说,这样的变化将人们参与火炬传递的热情与抗震救灾结合起来.

  This afternoon, the Olympic torch relay team will transition to Qingdao City in Shandong Province.───今天下午, 奥运火炬接力团队将转场至山东省青岛市.

  Hence, the Beijing Paralympic Game torch relay transmission also completely completely ended.───至此, 北京残奥会火炬接力传递也全部圆满结束.

  We need torch relay, not irreverence to dead, but to bring pride to China!───我们需要快乐的火炬传递, 这不是对死者的不敬, 而是为了给所有的中国人带来骄傲.

  Torch relay brings the message of peace to all the world.───圣火将和平的信息传遍世界.

  How many days the torch relay last at the 28 th Olympic Games?───第28界奥运会火把传递将连续多少天?

  All this for 2008 Olympic torch relay more dreamy colors.───这一切让2008年奥运会火炬接力更具梦幻色彩.


  The Olympic torch relay in Ruijin of Jiangxi started with people observing a minute of silence on 14th,May to pay respect to the victims of the deadly earthquake in Sichuan.

  The torch relay has become a lightning rod for anti - China demonstrations.

  The 1996 Olympic Torch Relay offers such an opportunity.

  Today, the torch relay station of Anshan from Yufo Court Square, the Anshan school ended, a total length of 7.3 kilometers, a total of 175 torchbearers to participate in transmission.

  Ancient Greek had never organized torch relay or torchbearer race.

  Phoenix to the image of the torch relay as a symbol by symbol of the Beijing Olympic torch relay auspicious better spread the blessings of the whole of China, bringing the world.

  The torch relay resumed at a container port in eastern China's seaport city of Ningbo.

  We need torch relay, not irreverence to dead, but to bring pride to China!

  For this reason, the Olympic torch relay was supposed to be a global victory lap.