to mother是什么意思中文翻译

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  to moither───使湿润

  to smother───窒息

  to bother───打扰

  to fother───福瑟

  to pother───使变得更糟

  to murther───去murther

  be mother───做母亲


  no other───仅此而已


  Give my love to mother and everyone of you.───请代我向妈妈和大家问好。

  I says to mother, "Mother," I says, "I got a secret to keep."───我对妈妈说,“妈妈,”我说,“我要保守一个秘密。”

  I bought this shoes, so I could print a bit of a letter to mother on Sunday.───我买了这双鞋,这样我就可以在星期天给妈妈写封信了。

  Yue's most obvious exclusivity to mother lies in that she does't like seeing her mother talk too much with anyone else.───小猪对妈妈的独占性比较明显地体现在,她不喜欢妈妈跟别人聊天儿聊得太多。

  Stylist: (to mother, in an aside) Don't worry. You can always chop off the mohawk later and convert it into a nice buzz cut.───发型师:(借一步和孩子母亲说道)别担心。一会儿可以把中间那道剪掉变成一个帅气的寸头。

  They were concerned that she may not be fully prepared to mother her own baby.───他们担心她可能还没有作好充分的准备来哺育她自己的宝宝。

  I was shocked when he flew off the handle and told me if I mentioned anything of the kind to mother he'd skin me alive .───是我震惊的是,他怒不可遏的对我说,如果我对妈妈提起任何这类事情,他要活剥我的皮。

  She would also like to discard as ordinary people like Mei Lan back to mother, but she did not do so.───她如普通人一样也想抛弃媚兰回到母亲身边,但她没有这样做。

  It was the lying face he presented to Mother and Father, when Peter had been cruel to him and he dared not let it show.───这就是原来表现给父母看的那张脸,当彼得残忍的对他的时候他不敢表现出来。


  Every time I saw or talked to Mother I was heartsick.

  Brenda just tries to mother everyone.

  Yes, dear, I'll write to mother.

  Remind me to write to Mother.

  I will give my sugar to Mother Teresa.

  Leave the cure to Mother Nature. She knows best.

  He likes to mother the toddlers.

  She reminded me that I hadn't written to Mother.

  She rushed across the room to Mother and hollered at Kenny to run get Maurine and Hayes.